Market And Manufacturing Technologies For Protein Drugs Market By Types (Recombinant Human Proteins Drugs, Monoclonal Antibodies, Rituxan, Erbitux, Bacterial Protein, Others), Technology (Rational Protein Design, Irrational Protein Design), Product (Instruments, Reagents, Services And Software), End-Users (Academic Research Institutes, Contract Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical And Biotechnology Companies), Industry Size, Growth, Share And Forecast To 2022

$ 3800

The global market and manufacturing technologies for protein drugs is expected to grow at the CAGR of 16% market during 2015-2022. In 2015 the protein drug market generated more than $705.5 million and is expected to generate revenue more than $1500 million by 2022. The key factors that drives the market are increasing consumption of protein drugs, increasing rate of life style diseases, increasing capital for protein drugs technology, among others.

Smart Manufacturing Technology Market By Technology (Human Machine Interface), By Component (Sensors & Actuators, Communication Technologies, Industrial Robotics, Machine Vision, Control Devices, Control Valves), By Industry (Process, Discrete), Industry Size, Growth, Share And Forecast To 2022

$ 3800

The global smart manufacturing technology market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 10.4% during 2015-2022. Globally, smart manufacturing technology market generated more than $37.42 billion in 2015, and is expected to reach $85.4 billion by 2022. The drivers that helps to increase the market are increasing factory viability and proactive viability; improving process efficiency and increasing pivot on energy saving; and, rapid advancement in machine to machine communication technology in the industrial sector.

Bearings Market Analysis By Product (Uncounted ball bearings, Plain bearings & Roller bearings), By Component (Balls, Rollers, Cages & Rings), By End-User (Motor vehicles, Aerospace equipment, Power transmission equipment, Construction machinery, Farm and garden machinery & Oilfield machinery), Industry Size, Growth,Share And Forecast To 2022

$ 3800

High demand for energy efficiency in process industries is the key driver for the bearing market globally over the forecasted period. The high demand in end-use industries such as automotive, machinery, construction, oil and gas etc. are the key factor for growing demand of bearing globally. Also technological advancement also boost the demand of bearing in global market.


The global manufacturing market is constantly innovating and reinventing itself. It relies heavily of effective industrial design and efficiency is the manufacturing process.  The construction industry is seeing a mature phase in developed market and a high growth one in developing markets. For emerging markets, a robust manufacturing and construction market is crucial in the transition.  

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