Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market: Global Industry Size, Growth, Share and Forecast to 2025

Published By: Brisk Insights | Published On: Jul 12, 2017

Key Findings

The Global Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market has been projected to grow at the CAGR of 7.5 % market during 2017-2025. In 2016, the market has generated the revenue of $ 7,59.93 million and now is expected to reach up to $ 1,483.53 million in terms of revenue by 2025.


Hot and cold therapy is utilized for the treatment of inflammation, swelling and improves blood circulation at the site of injury. The added advantage is that these products are effective, easily available, portable and available at low cost. The key drivers for the hot and cold therapy packs market are increase in incidence of sport injuries, rise in geriatric population and preference for awareness about non-surgical pain management techniques. Aging population suffering from chronic illnesses prefer home care products such as hot/cold therapy packs instead of frequent visits to the hospital or drug administration. Preference for non-pharmacological treatment for pain especially in aging population is a key driver for growth of hot and cold therapy packs market.


Market Segment Insights

The hot and cold therapy packs market is majorly segmented as product hot packs, cold packs, moist therapy packs and localized heating and cooling pads. Cold packs are currently dominating the market as it is the first line of treatment and gives immediate result in the reduction of swelling and edema related to accidents or sports injury. Localized heating and cooling pads will be the fastest growing market as it has features such as easy availability, portability and low cost.


Regional Insights

North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific, markets together form the major regional markets for hot and cold therapy packs. These regional markets are further sub-segmented into country specific markets on the basis of demand and market growth of hot and cold therapy. Among the considered regional markets, North America currently dominates the global hot and cold therapy market, with United States being the largest county-level market due to increase in number of aging population, advanced sports practices and supportive reimbursement policies. On the other hand, Asia Pacific is anticipated to be the fastest growing market for hot and cold therapy as it houses huge aging population, presence of multiple key players involved in the manufacturing of hot and cold therapy packs and higher preference for home therapies.


Market Competition Assessment:

Key players in the global hot and cold therapy market are 3M Company, Beiersdorf Australia Ltd., Breg, Inc., Bruder Healthcare Company, Inc., Caldera International, Inc., Cardinal Health, Carex Health Brands, Chattanooga Group, Inc., Core Products International, Inc., Corso Enterprises, Inc., Covidien plc, DJO Global, Inc., Employ+Ability, Inc., Halyard Health, Inc., Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Medline Industries, Inc., Modular Thermal Technologies, Inc., Pfizer, Inc., The Mentholatum Company and Thermionics Corp.

Chapter 1 Preface
1.1 Report Description
1.1.1 Purpose of the Report
1.1.2 Target Audience
1.1.3 USP and Key Offerings
1.2 Research Scope
1.3 Research Methodology
1.3.1 Phase I – Secondary Research
1.3.2 Phase II – Primary Research
1.3.3 Phase III – Expert Panel Review
1.3.4 Assumptions

Chapter 2 Executive Summary
2.1 Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market Portraiture
2.2 Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market, by Product Type, 2016 ($ Million)
2.3 Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market, by Geography, 2016 (Value %)

Chapter 3 Global Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market Analysis
3.1 Global Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market Overview
3.2 Market Dynamics
3.2.1 Market Drivers Increasing incidence of pain inducing injuries Rise in geriatric population
3.2.2 Challenges Fragmented market and lack of product innovation
3.2.3 Opportunities Increasing preference for home based pain management Online marketing and sale of the hot and cold packs are assisting the market growth
3.3 Attractive Investment Proposition
3.4 Competitive Analysis: Global Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market, 2015 (Value %)

Chapter 4 Global Hot and Cold Therapy Packs Market, by Product Type, 2015-2025 ($ Million)
4.1 Overview
4.2 Hot Packs
4.3 Cold Packs
4.4 Moist Therapy Packs
4.5 Localized Heating and Cooling Pads

Chapter 5 Global Hot and Cold Therapy Market, by Geography, 2015-2025 ($ Million)
5.1. Overview
5.2. North America
5.2.1. U.S.
5.2.2. Canada
5.3. Europe
5.3.1. U.K.
5.3.2. Germany
5.3.3. Rest of Europe
5.4. Asia Pacific
5.4.1. Japan
5.4.2. China
5.4.3. Rest of Asia Pacific
5.5. Latin America
5.5.1. Mexico
5.5.2. Brazil
5.5.3. Rest of Latin America
5.6. Middle East and Africa
5.6.1. GCC
5.6.2. Rest of Middle East and Africa

Chapter 6 Company Profiles
6.1. 3M Company
6.2. Beiersdorf Australia Ltd.
6.3. Breg, Inc.
6.4. Bruder Healthcare Company, Inc.
6.5. Caldera International, Inc.
6.6. Cardinal Health
6.7. Carex Health Brands
6.8. Chattanooga Group, Inc.
6.9. Core Products International, Inc.
6.10. Corso Enterprises, Inc.
6.11. Covidien plc.
6.12. DJO Global, Inc.
6.13. Employ+Ability, Inc.
6.14. Halyard Health, Inc.
6.15. Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
6.16. Medline Industries, Inc.
6.17. Modular Thermal Technologies, Inc.
6.18. Pfizer, Inc.
6.19. The Mentholatum Company
6.20. Thermionics Corp.



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