Maltodextrin Market: Global Industry Size, Growth, Share and Forecast to 2025

Published By: Brisk Insights | Published On: Jun 21, 2017

Key Findings

The Global Maltodextrin Market has been projected to grow at the CAGR of 6% market during 2017-2025. In 2016, the market has generated the revenue of $ 3.6 billion and is expected to reach up to $ 6.6 billion in terms of revenue by 2025.


Maltodextrin is a food additive that belongs to the group of complex sugar. Production of maltodextrin is carried out through partial hydrolysis of grain starch which includes wheat, corn, rice and potatoes. This method abscond the product with less than 20% of sugar therefore it is also used in sugar substitutes such as Equal and Splenda. Maltodextrin is known to have bland flavor and smooth texture. It is used on a large scale in the food & beverages industry. In the food industry, maltodextrin is used in salad dressings, desserts, snacks, instant pudding etc. Apart from food & beverage industry, maltodextrin is also used as a binding agent in manufacture of medicines.


Market Segment Insights

Food & beverages accounted as the major application of maltodextrin market. It accounted for more than 40% share of global maltodextrin market in 2016. Maltodextrin is used on a large scale in the food industry as a filler or thickener owing to its properties such as viscosity, binding and texture among others. Increasing awareness for health and health consciousness has contributed to the rising demand for maltodextrin. Growing demand for low calorie food has gained high demand for maltodextrin from the food industry globally. Maltodextrin is used as an alternative to sugar. It is used for various applications in the end-use industries such as food & beverages, pharmaceuticals, feed, papermaking among others. Maltodextrin is used as sweetner, binder, additive and others. The emulsifying, high solubility and low viscosity properties of maltodextrin have led to high demand from the above mentioned end-use industries globally.


Regional Insights

North America has the largest share of global maltodextrin market in 2016. Both North America and Europe accounted for more than 58% share of global maltodextrin market in 2016. Asia Pacific is anticipated to increase market demand for maltodextrin due to high demand from the pharmaceutical and papermaking industries. Maltodextrin is used as a binder in production of various drugs and medicines and in manufacturing paper and its products. Other regions such as Middle East & Africa, Latin America and Rest of the World are also anticipated to contribute to the growing demand for maltodextrin in the market due to its applications in wide range of end-use industries.


Market Competition Assessment:

The major players currently operating in the global maltodextrin market include Agrana Grou, Cargill Inc., Grain Processing Corporation, Ingredion Incorporated, Penford Corporation, Roquette Freres SA, Tate & Lyle PLC, Tereos Starch & Sweeteners s.a.s., The Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Company, and Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co. Ltd.

Chapter 1 Preface
1.1 Report Description
1.1.1 Purpose of the Report
1.1.2 Target Audience
1.1.3 USP and Key Offerings
1.2 Research Scope
1.3 Research Methodology
1.3.1 Phase I – Secondary Research
1.3.2 Phase II – Primary Research
1.3.3 Phase III – Expert Panel Review
1.3.4 Assumptions

Chapter 2 Executive Summary
2.1 Maltodextrin Market Portraiture
2.2 Maltodextrin Market, by Application, 2016 (Kilo Tons) ($ Million)
2.3 Maltodextrin Market, by End-Users, 2016 (Kilo Tons) ($ Million)
2.4 Maltodextrin Market, by Geography, 2016 (Value %)

Chapter 3 Global Maltodextrin Market Analysis
3.1 Global Maltodextrin Market Overview
3.2 Prevalence of Maltodextrin
3.3 Market Dynamics
3.3.1 Market Drivers Increasing consumption of low-calorie packaged food and growing use of low-calorie artificial sweeteners is expected to drive the demand for maltodextrin
3.3.2 Challenges  Substitution from gums used as a thickening agent in the food & beverage industry
3.3.3 Opportunities
3.4 Attractive Investment Proposition
3.5 Competitive Analysis: Global Maltodextrin Market, 2015 (Value %)

Chapter 4 Global Maltodextrin Market, by Application, 2015-2025 (Kilo Tons) ($ Million)
5.1 Preface
5.2 Food & Beverage
5.3 Feed
5.4 Personal Care & Cosmetics
5.5 Pharmaceuticals
5.6 Papermaking
5.7 Others

Chapter 5 Global Maltodextrin Market, by End-Users, 2015-2025 (Kilo Tons) ($ Million)
5.1 Preface
5.2 Food & Beverages
5.3 Feed
5.4 Personal Care & Cosmetics
5.5 Pharmaceuticals
5.6 Papermaking
5.7 Others

Chapter 6 Global Maltodextrin Market, by Geography, 2015-2025 ($ Million)
6.1 Preface
6.2 North America (U.S. & Canada)
6.3 Europe (U.K., Germany & Rest of Europe)
6.4 Asia Pacific (China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Rest of APAC)  
6.5 Latin America (Mexico, Brazil and Rest of LATAM)
6.6 Middle East and Africa (GCC and Rest of Middle East and Africa)

Chapter 7 Company Profiles
7.1 Agrana Group
7.2 Cargill Inc.
7.3 Grain Processing Corporation
7.4 Ingredion Incorporated
7.5 Penford Corporation
7.4 Roquette Frères SA
7.7 Tate & Lyle PLC
7.8 Tereos Starch & Sweeteners s.a.s.
7.9 The Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) Company
7.10 Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology Co. Ltd.



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