Commercial Construction Industry To Change The Face Of Structural Silicone Glazing

Structural silicone glazing (SSG) is the use of specific silicones that are used to bond panels of glass and metal which is done without mechanical fixation through a metallic sub frame. An SSG system can be utilised to resist live loads such as wind load, line loads and also dead loads for example, weight of panel and imposed loadings. Structural silicone glazing is considered as one of the most useful forms of curtain wall construction in the commercial construction industry. Structural silicone glazing provides designers and architects with the capability to design dramatic facades. This is one of the economical and effective technologies that enables architects to adhere ceramic, stone, glass, metal and composite panels to build frames by utilising silicone sealants and adhesives. It has the potential to increase the aesthetic appeal of commercial and residential buildings. For both, renovation and new construction projects, structural silicone glazing is proven to be an effective technology that produces significant results. For instance, in a structural silicone glazing system, the silicone sealant can be used for a dual purpose. It not only provides sealing to the building but also supports the curtain wall of the buildings by transferring wind loads to the structures of the buildings. Silicone structural glazing can withstand extreme temperature changes, weathering and chemical corrosion. In addition to this, the global silicone structural glazing market is majorly driven by increasing residential and commercial construction activities, technological advancements and up gradation, etc. However, government regulations for carbon emissions and requirement of high capital investment are some of the major factors restraining the growth of global silicone structural glazing market during the forecast period.

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Rise in construction industry: Growth promoter

The growth of construction industry globally is anticipated to drive the silicone structural glazing market as it is majorly used in construction industry. Silicone structural glazing is majorly used to maintain and protect quality and appearance of a building façade for long term. Moreover, it allows civil structures to withstand ongoing exposure of extreme temperature, weathering, etc. So, the rise in construction industry is anticipated to increase the demand of silicone structural glazing in the forecast period. As per the Global Construction Perspective and Oxford Economics, the global construction market is estimated to grow at $8 trillion by 2030. This growth is highly driven by countries like U.S., India and China. India is estimated to grow twice as fast as China as India’s urban population is anticipated to grow 165 million by 2030. Rising growth of urbanisation in India is expected to need investments of around $20 trillion by the end of 2040 to make improved infrastructure. It is expected that around $3.6 trillion investment in required till the year 2020 in order to keep the current infrastructure of the country. Private non-residential construction spending raise by 12% and the public non-residential raise by 5.2% that leads to its growth of construction sector in the United States. In construction, industrial construction activities grew by over 22% in 2015as per the Commercial Real Estate Development Association.