How To Order

What are the methods of payments that are available? 

We provide various methods of payments to our customers:

Wire Transfer: After you place an order, official invoice statement will be mailed to you in your inbox if you are making payment through wire transfer. 

Payment through Cheque: After you place an order, an official invoice payment statement will be emailed to your inbox if you are making payments through Cheque. You can send your Cheque on the address given below: 

Office 1094
109 Vernon House
Friar Lane
NG1 6DQ,
United Kingdom

Credit Card: It is a fast mode of payment and ensures swift dispatch of your order. Brisk Insights accepts MasterCard, Visa Cards, Diners Club, Maestro and American Express. We will issue payment receipt to you once your payment gets processed and send the scanned copy of the same to you through email. 

PayPal: You can also choose PayPal as a mode of payment all through the checkout procedure. 

How to confirm your order? 

You can confirm your order through different modes and channels such as: 

Mobile/ Telephone
Confirming your order through mobile/telephone: Call Us on +448081890034. You can call our custom care representatives on these toll free numbers and they will help you out. 

Confirming your order through Email: You can post all your queries and enquiries on