Increasing Demand Of Automotive Natural Gas Vehicles In Emerging Economies To Drive The Market

Automotive natural gas vehicle market is continuously growing and there are adequate reasons for that. One of the important reason for the constant growth of the market is the rising cost of the fossil fuels and the comparatively lower prices of natural gas than the petroleum products, in addition to the environmental benefits of using natural gas. According to a recently published report, the Automotive Natural Gas Vehicle Market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 12% during 2016-2022. Various governments are also keen to develop infrastructure for natural gas vehicle and creating awareness regarding the benefits of the natural gases. The segmentation of automotive natural gas vehicle market is based on type and geography. The report on automotive natural gas vehicle market forecast 2016-2022 (by type and geography) provides a detailed overview as well as predictive analysis of the market.

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Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) are alternative vehicle using natural gas as fuel in place of the fossil fuels. Worldwide, there were over 22 million NGV in 2015. Natural gas has two types, Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Using NGV is advantageous for the public and government also. Generally, gas is 30-50% cheaper than diesel and gasoline, which is also dependent on the taxes on their price in different countries. But equipment or initial cost the NGV is higher than other vehicles using conventional fuel. Various governments are focusing more on NGV because it has less carbon emission. Government policies for the lower emission is driving the market. Also, energy industry also supports the NGV because there are limited source of fossil fuels that are continuously shrinking. Natural gas, CNG and LNG are being used in medium duty vehicle and heavy duty vehicles. Use of the NGV is increasing in developed countries because they have more stringent regulations for environmental pollution due to more industrialization. Developing countries are focusing more on NGV’s because of low level of reserve block of crude oil. Reserve block of the energy is getting depleted because of high quantity of usage for every production and manufacturing work. Availability of natural gas and using it as fuel for the vehicle can bring down pollution level and result in a safe environment and help to attain ecological balance for the society.

Scope of the Report

1. Global Automotive Natural Gas Vehicle Market by Fuel Type 2012-2022 ($ Million)
1.1. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG)
1.2. Liquefied Natural Gas (CNG)

2. Global Automotive Natural Gas Vehicle Market by Vehicle Type 2012-2022 ($ Million)
2.1 Medium Duty Vehicle
2.2 Heavy Duty Vehicle

3. Global Automotive Natural Gas Vehicle Market Regional Outlook 2012-2022 ($ Million)
3.1. North America
3.2. Europe
3.3. Asia Pacific
3.4. Middle East & Africa
3.5. Latin America

4. Company Profile
4.1. AB Volvo
4.2. Agility Fuel Systems
4.3. ATA Foundation
4.4. Beiqi Foton Motor
4.5. Clean Air Power
4.6. Clean Energy Fuels
4.7. CNH Industrial
4.8. Daimler
4.9. Dongfeng Motor Group
4.10. Ford
4.11. General motors
4.12. Landi Renzo
4.13. Ram Trucks
4.14. Shaanxi Automobile Group Company Limited
4.15. Westport Innovations