Micro Servers Market Is Expected To Grow At The CAGR Of 51.2 % In The Forecast Period 2016-2022

According to a recently published report, the global Micro Servers Market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 51.2% in the forecast period 2016-2022.The micro servers market is estimated to grow around $17.23billion by 2022. The segmentation of global micro servers market is based upon processortype, component, application,and geography. The report global micro servers market forecast, 2016-2022 (type, component, application,and geography) provides a detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.

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The global micro servers market is experiencinganextraordinary growth phase on the account of rising demand coming from micro servers from small-sized, mid-sized, along with large enterprises. The increase in the demand for power-efficient, thick, and low-cost servers in cloud data centers is the major driving force for the growth of the global micro servers market.Micro servers are very reliable in system-on-chip or SoC-based processes. They also help in reducing the overall cost of ownership, as they can easily be self-managed, which is one another prime driver of the global micro servers market. The rising cloud traffic is probable to stimulate the uptake of micro servers significantly in the near future. The global micro servers market is feelingpenetrating demand for effective computing products from all around the world, prompting market players to focus on new product launches as well as development of existing products.

Scope of the Report

1. Global Micro Servers Market byProcessor Type2012-2022 ($ Million)
1.1. Intel-Based Micro Server IC
1.1.1. Atom-Based Micro Server IC
1.1.2. Xeon-Based Micro Server IC
1.2. ARM-Based Micro Server IC
1.3. AMD-Based Micro Server IC

2. Global Micro Servers Market by Application2012-2022($ Million)
2.1. Media Storage
2.1.1. Magnetic Storage Devices
2.1.2. Optical Storage Devices
2.1.3. Solid State Storage Devices
2.1.4. Server Storage Devices
2.2. Data Centers
2.3. Cloud Computing
2.4. Analytics
2.5. Others

3. Global Micro Servers Market by Component 2012-2022($ Million)
3.1. Hardware
3.1.1. Processor
3.1.2. Memory
3.1.3. Storage
3.1.4. Others
3.2. Software
3.2.1. System Software
3.2.2. Programming Software
3.2.3. Application Software
3.2.4. Operating System

4. Global Micro Servers MarketRegional Outlook 2012-2022($Million)
4.1. North America
4.2. Europe
4.3. Asia Pacific
4.4. Rest of the world

5. Company Profiles
5.1. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
5.2. ARM Ltd
5.3. Cavium, Inc.
5.4. Dell, Inc.
5.5. Fujitsu Limited
5.6. Hewlett-Packard Company
5.7. Huawei Technology Co. Ltd.
5.8. Intel Corporation
5.9. Mitac International Corporation
5.10. Nvidia Corporation
5.11. Oracle
5.12. Penguin Computing
5.13. Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
5.14. Sandisk Corporation
5.15. Super Micro Computer, Inc.