Global Polyurethane Foam Market Estimated To Be $XX Billion By 2022

According to a recently published report, the global Polyurethane Foam Market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 8.1% in the forecast period 2016-2022.The polyurethane foam market will grow $27 billion by 2022. The segmentation of global polyurethane foam market is based upon type, end user and geography. The report global polyurethane foam market forecast2016-2022 (by type, end user,and geography) provides a detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.

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Polyurethane foam is a large segment of global polyurethane market. Polyurethanes are a part of our daily life,and these foam has a wide range of commercial and industrial application ranging from automotive industry to refrigeration. Based upon the variants of foams available in the market and rising area of applications for flexible colored PU foams, the market is anticipated to experience growth in the near future. This market has enormous growth potential, which is anticipated to continue in the near future, and will be driven by the high growth in Asia-Pacific, European, North American, and other RoW regions. A considerable number of investments and prospective growth plans are made by different market companies to serve the end-user application industries in the near future. The polyurethane foam market is rapidly expanding its consumption in various applications, like bedding and furniture; building industry and construction; automotive; packaging; and electronic industry.

Globally, Asia-Pacific region is the dominant market for polyurethane foams. The market is expected to reach $27 billion by 2022, with a CAGR of 8.1% in the forecast period from 2016 to 2022. This growth is anticipated due to the rising applicability of polyurethane foams in various end user industries such as bedding & furniture; building & construction; automotive; footwear; and, packaging industries. The highest consumption of polyurethane foams in this region is recorded in China, which accounts for the largest manufacturing capacity of polyurethane foams in the whole APAC region.

Scope of the Report

1. Global Polyurethane Foam Market byType 2016-2022 ($ Million)
1.1. Flexible foam
1.2. Rigid foam

2. Global Polyurethane Foam Market byEnd User 2016-2022 ($ Million)
2.1. Bedding & Furniture
2.2. Building & Construction
2.3. Electronics
2.4. Automotive
2.5. Footwear
2.6. Packaging
2.7. Others

3. Global Polyurethane Foam MarketRegional Outlook 2016-2022($Million)
3.1. North America
3.2. Europe
3.3. Asia Pacific
3.4. Middle East & Africa
3.5. Central & South America

4. Company Profiles
4.1. Armacell GMBH
4.2. BASF SE
4.3. Bayer AG
4.4. Chemtura Corporation
4.5. Compagnie De Saint-Gobain S.A.
4.6. Foamcraft, Inc.
4.7. Foampartner Group
4.8. Future Foam, Inc.
4.9. Huntsman Corporation
4.10. Nitto Denko Corporation
4.11. Rogers Corporation
4.12. The DOW Chemical Company
4.13. The Woodbridge Group
4.14. Trelleborg AB
4.15. UFP Technologies, Inc.