Increasing Hospital And Home Healthcare Devices Accelerating The Market Of Reprocessed Medical Devices

According to a recently published report, the global Reprocessed Medical Devices Market has been expected to grow at the CAGR of 20.3% market during 2016-2022. The segmentation of global reprocessed medical devices market is based on development type, revenue generation and geography. The report on global reprocessed medical devices market forecast 2016-2022 (development type, revenue generation and geography) provides detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.

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The growth and demand for theglobal reprocessed medical devices markethas been assessed very high in developed and as well as developing countries.Increasing significance of medical waste minimization, cost-effectiveness of reprocessed devices, technological advancements are the major key drivers accelerating the market of reprocessed medical devices, globally.Hospitals holds an extensive share of over 46.0% among the overall end-user segment. The segment has been projected to grow owing to the growth in outsourcing activities for reprocessing to third-party vendors. According to the National Institutes of Health, approx. 45% of hospitals in the U.S. outsourced recycling to third-party reprocessing organizations. In addition, according to the report of the European Commission, hospital care holds the maximum share of healthcare spending of 41.0% followed by the ambulatory care, which stands at 25.0%.These types of factors have been anticipated to extend the consumer base for the industry players thereby allowing further expansion of reprocessed medical devices market in the foreseeable future.

Scope of the report

1. Global Reprocessed Medical Devices Market By Type 2012 - 2022 ($ million)
1.1. Cardiovascular Devices
1.1.1. Blood Pressure Cuffs
1.1.2. Positioning Devices
1.1.3. Cardiac Stabilization Devices
1.1.4. Diagnostic Electrophysiology Catheters
1.1.5. Deep Vein Thrombosis Compression Sleeves
1.1.6. Electrophysiology Cables
1.2. Laparoscopic Devices
1.2.1. Harmonic Scalpels
1.2.2. Endoscopic Trocars
1.3. Gastroenterology Devices
1.3.1. Biopsy Forceps
1.3.2. Others
1.4. General Surgery Devices
1.4.1. Pressure Bags
1.4.2. Balloon Inflation Devices
1.5. Orthopaedic Devices

2. Global Reprocessed Medical Devices Market By End Users 2012 - 2022 ($ million)
2.1.1. By Hospitals
2.1.2. By Home Healthcare
2.1.3. By Others

3. Global Reprocessed Medical Devices MarketRegional Outlook 2012-2022($ million)
3.1. North America
3.2. Europe
3.3. Asia Pacific
3.4. Middle East & Africa
3.5. Central & South America

4. Company Profiles
4.1. Agito Medical A/S
4.2. Block Imaging International, Inc.
4.3. Centurion Medical Products Corporation
4.4. DRE, Inc.
4.5. GE Healthcare
4.6. Hygia Health Services, Inc.
4.7. Medisiss
4.8. Philips Healthcare
4.9. Radiology Oncology Systems, Inc.
4.10. Siemens Healthcare
4.11. Soma Technology, Inc.
4.12. Sterilmed
4.13. Stryker Sustainability Solutions
4.14. Suretek Medical