Sugarcane Harvester Market To Expand With A Double Digit CAGR From 2017 To 2025

According to a new market research report published by Brisk Insights “Sugarcane Harvester Market (by Harvesting Type (Stalk Harvester, Chopper Harvester), by Number of Rows (Single Row, Multiple Row)), - Growth, Future Prospects, and Competitive Landscape, 2017-2025”, sugarcane harvesting equipment market is estimated to grow at a double digit CAGR from 2017 to 2025.

Market Insights

Sugarcane is one of the most important commercial crops across the globe. It is the prime source for products such as sugar, ethanol, jaggery and fodder for the feeding the livestock. Consistent rise in the consumption of sugar across the globe has boosted the overall sugarcane cultivation, since past few years. In the year 2016-2017, nearly 153.4 million metric tons sugar was produced, globally. Along with the growth in the sugarcane cultivation, adjacent equipment markets related to the sugarcane cultivation are also flourishing at a brisk rate. Sugarcane harvester is one such market encouraged by the growth in sugar production. 

The demand for sugarcane harvester is majorly driven by the constant rise in the demand and cultivation of sugarcanes. The requirement of mechanized solution for sugarcane harvesting has eventually resulted in encouraging the use of mechanized farm equipment such as sugarcane harvesters. A variety of sugarcane harvesters are available based on harvesting type and size of the crop to be harvested. These harvesters have the ability to overcome challenges such as the shape of fields, ridge height, and width, slopes, and nature of the field. Sugarcane harvester manufacturers are now focused on developing new designs and more efficient harvester in order to overcome the aforementioned issues.

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Sugarcane harvester is broadly classified into two segments based on harvesting type and the number of rows to be harvested. According to the harvesting type, sugarcane harvester is further segmented into stalk harvester and chopper harvester. As of 2016, whole stalk harvester leads the overall sugarcane harvester market. According to the number of rows, to be harvested sugarcane harvester are segmented into a single row and multiple row harvesters.   

Globally, Asia Pacific and Latin America jointly dominate the overall sugarcane harvester market. Countries such as India, China, Thailand, Pakistan, and Indonesia contribute a major share in the overall Asia Pacific sugarcane production. Whereas in Latin America, Brazil and Columbia contribute heavily to overall sugarcane production. High sugar production in these regions is the principal factor driving the demand for mechanized farming. In addition, government agencies of these countries are introducing new policies for promotion of mechanized farming. Consequently, this has escalated the use of sugarcane harvester in sugarcane farming.

Competitive Insights:

Sugarcane harvester market is highly fragmented characterized by a number of international as well as regional farm equipment manufacturers. The manufacturers are coming up with constant up-gradation and new designs in order to maintain their market position. Companies strive hard to expand their sales and distribution network in markets of Asia Pacific and Latin America. Some of the major players in sugarcane harvester markets are WUHAN MACHINE EQUIPMENT CO LTD, Tropical Agricultural Machine Group, Deere & Company, Valtra, Inc., Case IH, Canetec Pty, Ltd., AGREEVISION, Simon Group, Massey Ferguson, New Holland Agriculture and others.

Key Trends:

  • Rising adoption of mechanized farming.
  • Government policies to promote promotional activities.
  • Strengthening global sales channel in order to maintain and expand the sales through agricultural fairs and exhibitions.