Tonic Wine Market, Growth, Future Prospects and Competitive Analysis, 2017-2025

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Tonic wines were initially introduced for the medicinal uses, thereby it got a name tonic wine. Herbs used in tonic wines are generally aromatic, made from rosemary, lavender, hyssop, sage, lemon balm, rose geranium, mint, thyme, and various spices generally used in kitchen such as ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon, and mace. Tonic wine is used to cure fever, mainly typhoid and pneumonia, by lowering down the body temperature. Tonic wine easily get assimilated due to which it is used for people who have low absorption capacity from food or those with lack of appetite for food. In China, tonic wines are used to calm mind, nervous system and rejuvenate wisdom, promote energy & wellbeing, and maintain liver function. There are various other benefits of tonic wines such as it reduces fat, lower down the risk of cancer, controls blood pressure, prevent gallstones and kidney stones, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, hepatitis a, tooth decay, stress and depression. 


Some of the major product types of tonic wines are wincarnis, buckfast, magnum, and sanatogen. Wincarnis and buckfast are the two most old and internationally popular brands of tonic wines. Magnum tonic wine is an alcoholic beverage comprises of 100% natural ingredients originated in Jamaica. It had become a class of traditional medication on the island as it is a fermented drink comprises of vitamins, herbs, minerals, and alcohol. It contains 17.5% alcohol, which is significantly higher than American beer. Sanatogen tonic wine is a concentrated solution, which easily get digested and absorbed in the body and is also effective for strengthening the daily diet of weak and recovering patients, as well as kids, even in situation of exhaustion from overwork or weakness due to illness.


The tonic wine is popular in United States of America, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and West Indies. The Ian Macleod Distillers launched a new range in the tonic wine, known as the Wincarnis Ginger wine which comprises a distinctive mixture of herbs and spices helps to endorse fitness similar to that of Wincarnis original tonic wine. ASEAN countries such as Singapore and Malaysia, the wine is used as a tonic owing to the beneficiary component of wine which are endorsed to the healing herbs and spices used to prepare tonic wine. Consequently, the product is marketed as natural tonic with integrated traditional herb.


The global tonic wine market is segmented on the following bases:


Global Tonic Wine Market, by Product Type

  • Buckfast Tonic Wine
    • Magnum Tonic Wine
    • Mandingo Tonic Wine
    • Sanatogen Tonic Wine
    • Others
  • Global Tonic Wine Market, by End User
    • Hospital
    • Clinic
    • Personal Care
    • Others
  • Global Tonic Wine Market, by Geography
    • North America
      • U.S.
      • Canada
    • Europe
      • Germany
      • UK
      • France
      • Italy
      • Spain
      • Rest of Europe
    • Asia-Pacific (APAC)
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • Rest of APAC
    • Latin America
      • Brazil
      • Mexico
      • Rest of Latin America
    • Middle East & Africa
      • Saudi Arabia
      • South Africa
      • Rest of Middle East & Africa


Key Players Identified for Tonic Wine Market Include:


Ahmadi Answers, Bristol, Buckfast Abbey, Campari Group, Dee Bee Wholesale, Macleod Distillers, Herb Affair, Jingjiu, Leonard J Russell Snr, Portman Group, Reggae Treats, Sainsbury Scotland, Ian Macleod Distillers, Wuliangye, and Zhangyu are among the notable players.


This report offers:


  • An overview of the global markets for tonic wine market
  • Market trends assessment for the period 2015-2025, with historical information for  2015 and 2016, and projections through 2025, with respective CAGR during 2017-2025
  • Qualitative assessment tools such as market drivers, challenges and future prospects, and market attractiveness
  • Focus on each level of market segmentation based on product approvals, launch, and current and anticipated market dynamics
  • A general overview of the industry structure
  • Company profiles highlighting key information about the major players operating in the tonic wine market

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